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    What agency do you work for? I currently work for the state. I have about 8 years experience with other states included. I'm not looking for running and gunning. Those days are over for me lol. I actually want a more chill job, but the parks in some areas are pretty ****ty, so I imagine their call volume has to be high. Their top out pay looked at 76k for Officer 1 from what I read. It doesn't look like they have had a pay raise in a while, which is not a good sign. I don't really know any people who work there and even know somebody who does lol.

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    I work for Metro. I too have worked for a few smaller agencies locally including the CLV version of the park Police. I dont reccomend man. If you're looking for a decent department but want to avoid the run and gun try CCSD Police. Much bigger in comparison to Parks, and lots of overtime available. Admin is getting better and they are really pushing training and equipment these days. They also take laterals and might be taking apps now.
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