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  • GangGreen712
    replied to FTO Worries
    I was allowed to resign and leave on good terms in August. I wasn't going to make it through FTO.

    After four months in, I, my FTO, my sergeant, and the chief all agreed that the department and I were not a good fit for one another. The jurisdiction where I worked was a very urban, extremely...
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  • I hear most rookies are assigned to the Mordor precinct for FTO. Usually you have to do a year or so there before you can go to a nicer place like The Shire or Rohan.
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  • GangGreen712
    replied to Need Advice of what to do
    PSP trains you from the ground up. Of all agencies that I've applied for, PSP probably puts the least amount of emphasis on prior experience than anyone I've seen.
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