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    Steve, how have you been? We had another one of your guys work by us, for a short time, Miguel Rios. Said he was a dic in Cicero. He left and got on Forest Park. My kid is a dic in Hazel Crest. Malik and him are partners there now. It was a new thing for him, but he's learning. Did you ever find out if you could get your Harvey time for pension? Just curious.

    Keep your head down, stay save on those Ave's and Ct's. LOL

  • StephDakel
    Rio's is a good guy. I remember. He left not so long ago....not really sure why.

    I'm actually at the gym now where I usually see Malik. I really like him, he's a good kid - seems passionate about the job.

    I'm more so worried about proving I'm tier 1 right now. I've followed up with Harvey and got no response.

    Also side now. With 5 years complete I have 50+ guys under me. We've been hiring non stop. Even got a couple guys who've left Chicago to join us.
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