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  • lpstopper
    replied to Is it game over...?
    Without knowing your exact circumstances, the first thing that sticks out to me is with the agency being so small, why are they hiring people with zero experience and expecting them to be at a certain level to meet their standards? You would think they would only take laterals but thats just my opinion....
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  • I binge watched it in a day. I thought it was an awesome show with real life perspective from real cops who didnt have to sugar coat anything to make their agency look good. Everything about it was relateable. We run miniums of 8 cars in just some of our patrol divisions and get hammered with calls,...
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  • For Orange, Lee & Boca how do shift bids work? Is it senority based or luck of the draw?
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  • Everyone's reaction to night shifts are different so what works for one may not work for others. . My first two years on we worked 8's & 10's on nights and I was a brand new cop excited to work so I literally had zero problems working nights. We had an awesome squad and we all enjoyed the shift....
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