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    Hey how are you. I saw a few posts you commented on, was just curious, I just vested out of the NYPD after 5 yrs. I was thinking about going to FL, there's so many different agencies though. I was an "anti-crime" cop in Manhattan, so plain clothes and made alot of proactive arrests, usually narcotics and burgs/robs. I would like to be an investigator/detective, but I know I would have to start over as a rookie lol. In the NYPD it doesn't really matter how hard you work, it's all about who you know, are depts in FL like that as well? It looks like highway patrol is usually hiring. Would you recommend that agency? I was thinking of Boca, FT Lauderdale and Miami PD, I never really see Miami hiring though, city or dade county. Anyway, thanks for any advice you can give. Appreciate it

  • MB87
    Thanks for that info. Appreciate it. So, as far as all that action goes, I kinda got it out of my system lol. I think I would prefer a great place to work with great benefits such as Boca, I still would love to be an investigator/detective though. The culture seems so different tho, in NYC there's only a handful of different depts. Nypd, port authority pd, MTA pd. And the troopers. From my research there's dozens of depts in FL. I have a question I can't really seem to find any info on, so in NYPD the arrest process is pretty bad, it used to be good but now it's a nightmare. Make the arrest, and bring the perp to the station house, dozens and dozens of pieces of paperwork. Just absurd amounts of repetitive paperwork that the district attorney doesn't even need, but it's the new policy. And if the perp claims he's "sick, injured or crazy" then he has to be escorted to the hospital and have a cop guard him around the clock. Sometimes they can stay in the hospital for up to a week or longer, and that's more paperwork and the veteran perps know how to play the system. And then usually when they go to court they are released anyway lol. So the whole process is pretty bad, curious what the process is like in FL, is each dept run completely differently? Do you know if Boca is very competitive and are they picky? I would imagine they can be picky if they are the highest paid in the state.

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    Hey, no problem at all. Sorry you lost a good unit up there. Since they did away with your unit, seems like your city has gone to hell. It's a shame and I don't blame any of you guys for trying to get out. Ya, no matter where you go you're going to have to start from the bottom. Do some time on the road in your new spot to get used to things there and then you can try to get into a detective spot. You should definitely have a leg up on others with your experience. It's just a matter of going somewhere else and showing them you know what you're doing and don't mind working and you're good. So from the agencies you named it appears you want to come down here to South Florida. As for where to go, it really depends on you and what you're looking for. Every agency is different in their own way. Me personally I wouldn't want to work in Dade County (Miami area), but that's just me. For you, you'd be coming from the largest department in the country to much smaller agencies. Most here are medium sized in the 200 or so range. Some are bigger, like Ft. Lauderdale in the 500 range, Miami PD, Miami Dade County, Broward Sheriff, and Palm Beach County Sheriff. FHP is a large state agency, but it's traffic stuff and they don't pay well. Boca is the highest paid department in the State, but it's not going to have the action you're used to. If the pay and benefits are more your focus, then it's good, if you want to try to do stuff similar to what you did up there in NY, not so much. The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office is a very good agency with lots of opportunity and you'll do stuff like you did up there if you can get into one of the units. They pay well also. Only downside to me is the same for any Sheriff's Office, state agency, or agency that uses the state retirement, FRS. It's not a good retirement plan. If it wasn't for FRS I'd tell anyone to look at PBSO first down here. Boca first if pay/benefits are your focus. Fort Lauderdale is a decent agency, but again, what you're looking for in a new place will depend on what I'd recommend. It's just my opinion though, but I know it's a big move so it's good to have as much info as you can.
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