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  • Mmc23
    commented on 's reply to Nys doccs- academy
    I’m graduating the week you start if you get a chance talk to recruits from either class and you’ll get lots of tips. First few weeks will be tough especially if you get Howe or Updike for DI, they are tough but they are good people just gotta push yourself and try your best
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  • Mmc23
    commented on 's reply to Nys doccs- academy
    Test every Friday you can only fail twice however the test are pretty easy just pay attention they basically give you all the answers. You have to qualify with the Glock, if you never shot don’t stress they will work with you you just have to do what they say, you also have to past the ppt(obstacle...
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  • Mmc23
    replied to Nys doccs- academy
    Basically what they said.. it doesn’t matter how good you do things there will be people who don’t care or don’t listen well enough and you will get punished. You will duck walk/bear crawl in the hall ways. Days are long to you will be getting up around four and going till 6-9 at night....
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