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  • Supreme Court PD and exercise

    Greetings, I just took the POST with the Supreme Court PD. After the test, they gave us a sheet that had Body fat percentages. Men must be at 20% or less body fat at the time of their medical exam. Based off of my scale, I am at 27% and I last used the scale at the beginning of the Month. They stated...
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  • Agregorya
    replied to Things to do
    Thank you guys!! I flew in on Thursday morning and went exploring. First went to the Supreme Court to check it out and find out where I needed to go for test on Friday. Also networked with a few Officers. Then the Library, Capitol, Air and Space, Archives, White House, Washington Monument, then the...
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  • Agregorya
    commented on 's reply to Things to do
    What is a grey water dog? I tried to look it up and found nothing but legit grey water dogs lol
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  • Agregorya
    started a topic Things to do

    Things to do

    Greetings. I’m flying from Florida to DC to take the POST for USSCPD. I’m 23, it’ll be my first time in DC, and I’m going alone. I’ll be there for Thursday the 12th and Friday the 13th. Thursday is a completely free day, Friday is test day and flying home. Any recommendations for must do and...
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  • Agregorya
    started a topic Supreme Court Police

    Supreme Court Police

    Hello all. This is my first post. I’ve searched extensively for information regarding the Supreme Court Police. Everything is mostly a few years old, or doesn’t contain a lot of information. I’ve been selected to move forward to take the POST. I’ve taken it before so I’m not worried. However,...
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