Hello Again...I didn't mean to bother but after I posted my last conversation about my hiriing process, I am kind of concerned about whats going on with the agency not saying anything else....During my research, I found out that the Psych. personnel makes a decision on if the candidate is suitable for the job once the tests are graded by a computer since it was true/false. The MMPI test is paid for by the hiring agency correct? I am going to give you another rundown on how this agency does it process:

1. Application- Accepted
2. Computerized Test- Passed
3. Agility/Drug Test/ PT ( Medical, ) - Passed
4. Structured Oral Process - Passed
5. Candidate Profile Summary- ( Other Words Conditional Offer ) - Accepted
6. Polygraph and Psychological Screening - Took MMPI first (567 true/false) Also signed a consent form to check Misdemeanor Crimes and Domestic Violence and filled out a self addressed envelope.....Taken August 24, 2019..... Waiting on notification to do the Polygraph by self addressed envelope.
7. Begin Trooper School - Date was set to be December 1, 2019 or maybe later.

So what do you think? I know I was told by a member on here that the agency have enough time on their hands to burn to do other stuff before December....Also, if the agency was not planning on hiring me, I wouldn't had taken the MMPI since they had to pay for it correct?