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    FG1991 posted a Visitor Message for USMCmech6216
    I noticed you responded to another post about not making this upcoming academy in November however they just started canvassing how is it that a lot of us won't even make this academy then?
    Did they start canvassing earlier in the year and we are just a next batch of a group?

    I have spoken to admin and they keep stressing possible November academy and to stay in shape & out of trouble. Wouldn't that mean that those who passed PAT in June, took PSYCH in July will have access to this upcoming NOV academy?

  • USMCmech6216
    I’m not saying that people will definitely not make it, but canvasing mean they are seeing if applicants are still interested. Also unless you were cleared by the board, you may have passed everything but you won’t be able to get the job. You also must pass the medical clearance. Just take notice, I’m not trying to down talk anyone’s ability but all I was saying was to to get your hopes up. I also say continue working out and staying in shape at the end of most of my post. Either way, good luck and hope you hear positive news soon. If you do please send me another message and let me know you got in.
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