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  • threeofnine
    started a topic Carrying large amounts of cash legal?

    Carrying large amounts of cash legal?

    This may be a silly question but one of my friends is under the impression that carrying large amounts of cash, over $10000, is somehow illegal. I cannot see any reason why it would be. Last year I bought a new car with cash but like any sane person I used a cashiers check. If I was an idiot and withdrew...
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  • Thanks for the replies. Would the DRE exam also include a drug test? I want to be clear I am all for DUI enforcement. When I was a college student my Mustang GT got totalled by a drunk that had just been released from, I believe, a 1 year prison sentence for his 4th DUI only two months prior. He had...
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  • Thanks for the reply, I admit I do not know how this stuff works. If someone blows 0.00 would a drug test not be administered?...
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  • threeofnine
    started a topic Field Sobriety Test

    Field Sobriety Test

    Hello, first time poster and big supporter of Law Enforcement. Quick questions out of curiosity. I love to watch Live PD on A&E and I notice when a suspected drunk driver is requested to preform a field sobriety test they are usually asked beforehand if they have any medical problems that would...
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