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  • NLee1776
    replied to Border Patrol Agent
    Anyone know that is familiar with the hiring process know if you have to submit your original birth certificate at any point during the hiring process? Currently have to to do it for another agency and don't wanna be screwed if it comes up that I need to send it to them and its with another agency.
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  • NLee1776
    commented on a Visitor Message From Omarmtz
    Wasn't bad, just make sure to read everything clearly and twice. A lot of the wording can mess you up so it's attention to detail mostly.
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  • Anyone looking to reapply this time around or are on their reapplication? If so how did you go about reapplying?

    Trying to get my reapplication in before the window closes.
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  • Omarmtz
    Omarmtz posted a Visitor Message for NLee1776
    Hi, I did my entrance exam today, I saw that you did yours days ago, can you give me any advice, how its going with you?...
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