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  • Buck_Macdonald
    replied to CBP officer
    Anyone in here know if the Academy has an entrance fitness exam? I find it odd that all they have are these pretty weak PFTs and I haven’t found any info from official sources about what’s expected of us.
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  • Anyone have details on the fitness requirements for the academy, I’m sure they must have like a day 1 minimum requirement and I’d like to be ready, seeing as how I’ll probably have like 9months before I get to the poly portion of this with how messed up the gov has been the past month
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  • Not sure what TSP is.

    also I was under the impression that agents did their pft2 at the academy? If it’s participation only then how can I trust any barrier to entry at this job? I hope the academy has a more strict pt plan or something......
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  • I heard somewhere that before we go to the academy that we get sent to a school or something? Anyone have details on that?

    as far as I know I’ve got the polygraph left and that’s it so I’m pretty excited! Not sure what else I can do to prepare for the PFt2 like according to the website...
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