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  • 508NAVY
    commented on 's reply to DuPage County Sheriff 2016
    Just some advice. I’m not from Chicago. My wife is. I’m from the east coast. Put in time, and BUST YOUR ***. Forget the political rubbish. It exists, and you cannot defeat it. But, the best way to stand out is to go out there and be a go getter. Don’t be cutting people’s knees out, be willing...
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  • 508NAVY
    replied to DuPage County Sheriff 2016
    I wish everyone in the process Good luck!! I’m a cop, but I will say the only concern I have for the CO test is what happens come January 1st when the liberals open up the jails?!?!

    my county is terrified, and no I am not in cook county....
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  • 508NAVY
    commented on 's reply to I failed my Illinois Police State Exam
    Hey man I went to METRO, I saw the crop for us and CPD.

    If you’re a C- student but an A straight cop, lets go to work.

    If you’re an A student, and a D+ street cop, get my chew and let us do the work, or quit before you get someone killed. It’s that simple.
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