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  • 508NAVY
    commented on 's reply to CPD - March 2021 New Applications
    To give you an idea on how long the process is…I had guys in my metro class years ago. They were in the process for Chicago, in fact, MULTIPLE years testing processes, and were hired by local agencies.

    Some were just called in the last 6 months……we graduated the academy over 3.5...
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  • 508NAVY
    replied to IL Practice Exam
    A lot of answers here man. There are 4/5 testing agencies I know of. Whenever you apply to a department, it should tell you what testing facility they use. 1) apply to serve: POST test. 15 dollar study guide/practice test 2) IOS Solutions: Ncjosi test 3) cops and fire testing service: I think...
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  • 508NAVY
    replied to Interesting story
    I actually dealt with an IDOT contractor similar to the minute men Sunday night down here in Will County. When I heard minutemen, the Boston native in me thought it was a reserve military unit doing this work
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  • 508NAVY
    commented on 's reply to Chicago Police 2018 / December Exam
    It’s the day where you see who was in shape and you get blasted by the gym staff.

    My recommendation. If you’re class commander or not, the day before the welcome to the gym class, get everyone together in your home room. Have them bring their gym bags and go through all the **** that...
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