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  • Not true we have hired more then one class in the past on one job announcement. However, I can’t speak to what we are doing on current process. Also, we are hurting for bodies because of retirements and ppl leaving for 1811 gigs. It all comes down to funding.
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  • Dumbbells
    commented on a Visitor Message From FWD1987
    We get a lot of laterals from MPD. I know we match pay and it’s an easy lateral but you still have to go to FLETC. I know your pension is much higher but we do get the tsp matched so that is suppose to offset the pension. Also if you go to another federal agency your time counts. Another benefit of...
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  • FWD1987
    FWD1987 posted a Visitor Message for Dumbbells
    Hey, what's up. I see you work for Park Police. I'm very torn if I should lateral over the USPP after 2 years here in MPD. Here is my dilemma, MPD got a awesome retirement, but I can tell it's some issues with management. USPP retirement isn't that good from what I've heard, but they have a awesome...
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