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    Thanks for the advice. Just a little worry that I wont get the job because of that. I really do want to become a Milwaukee police officer. I was just reading some of your past post. And I am also having the same problem with my driving record. I know I have other driving tickets but it don't show on the driver abstract and I call up to the DMV and they state "If it 5 years ago it gets deleted from your record" besides drinking and driving tickets. How did you got about that issue.

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    Sorry for the late reply! Ok so here's what you do when you fill out the personal history questionnaire. One of the questions will be something like: List ALL driving offenses you've ever had with dates included.

    If the ticket was over 5 years ago and there's no record for you to look up but you KNOW it happened, just fill in as much information as you can remember like the year it happened and what kind of ticket it was. Usually for every question they leave a few lines to explain things. What I did was typed up comments for certain questions like this on a separate sheet of paper and would say "I've had other tickets in the past but can't find any more information as they're no longer in the record. Make sure that if you're adding extra comments on another sheet of paper, you highlight what question the comment pertains to.

    Also as far as driver history goes, obviously with all the driving we do, this is a big deal. So having your license suspended in the last 5 years doesn't look great. But that's not something that automatically gets a DQ. They look at the totality of circumstances. How many tickets have you had over the past 5 years, what was the unpaid ticket that made you get your license suspended. The big one is if there's a pattern of behavior that doesn't seem to have improved. Like I said- your best defense is first and foremost DON'T LIE. Own up to it all, be remorseful, explain and try to show how you've learned from your mistakes. And also as I said before, this will almost certainly get you a background fail, but you'll still have a chance to appeal and from what I know, so long as your overall record isn't terrible and don't have a whole lot of other crazy stuff going on, they may overturn it. I don't know too many people who failed the background and weren't able to get it overturned.
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