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  • HiFlyR
    commented on 's reply to FLETC cancellations
    When I was down there a couple years ago a FLETC instructor would proudly boast how he was able “to get the bikes banned” and students weren’t allowed to use them during training hours. So you had to walk or use the buses (never reliable). Not sure if that’s changed but there were no bikes allowed...
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  • I’m prefacing this with “unless things have changed”

    Highly recommend buying your own boots. The ones they issue are garbage. I had Under Armour above the ankle mid-rise. I think the only requirement was they are all black. I still have mine (years later)and wear them frequently....
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  • Wanted to come on here and add a post with it being the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Usually I post tips and things to expect through the process of becoming a FAM, but today I wanted to come on here and post about perspective knowing some new classes are about to start the process of becoming a FAM....
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  • HiFlyR
    commented on 's reply to Hhs oig 2021
    You just have to complete the PEB at FLETC. There are no specific requirements. I know guys that walked the mile and a half (also don’t be that person. Put in effort. It’ll get back to your coworkers if you do that.). Just be in decent shape. It helps the whole FLETC process overall. CITP is not...
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