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"The road to an offer was long and stressful but that is behind me now... now the real journey begins."
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  • BlueLinerAZ
    started a topic Preventing PT Shirt bleeding (markers)

    Preventing PT Shirt bleeding (markers)

    Did the search and didn't really find any topics that cover this specifically (found lots of folks who asked about where to write their names for various agencies).. So curious to know the options on how to prevent PT shirts from the "bleed" effect of the sharpie. I looked on Youtube and...
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  • Biggest reasons in no particular order:

    1. Stupid decisions made that you must inform your RTO/Class Sgt of, or they find out and you have no chance to get out in front of it.
    2. Dishonesty (falls in w/ #1).. Even if it is something as silly as borrowing someone's pen when you shouldn't...
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  • BlueLinerAZ
    replied to Phx pd dq
    Take this as a bright side.... You tested incomplete/inconclusive. They could have outright said "deceptive tactics" and you can kiss your desire/career aspirations good bye.

    A racing heartbeat of that level is ultra high.. Did you take any type of stimulant? Energy drink?Coffee?...
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