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  • fsi1212
    commented on 's reply to Dallas PD - Sponsorship
    My main concern isnt being disqualified. It's happened tons of times. I dont really care. My main concern with this is I would have to take 3 days off unpaid from my job for processing steps. I wouldnt want to do that, end up getting disqualified, then I lost out on 3 days pay.
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  • fsi1212
    commented on 's reply to Dallas PD - Sponsorship
    Cslaws tx5325 I actually have called and asked. They said they cant say whether or not I'll be disqualified and the best thing to do is try and see what they say. That's why I posted on here. Wasnt the best answer I know, but that's what all recruiters and BIs have told me when I asked about my background....
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  • fsi1212
    replied to Dallas PD - Sponsorship
    Is Dallas still hiring a ton to the point where during normal staffing they would disqualify you for some things in your background? Never done drugs, I don't drink, etc.

    All the "big" stuff is totally explainable. I have a recent bankruptcy due to a couple job losses and divorce/child...
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  • Since you're well outside of the 120 day range, you will be denied. Try applying again sometime in April, but make sure its within 120 days of your separation date.
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