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  • Calitown
    commented on 's reply to CBP officer
    Thank you guys for the advice. Yes I am currently in a civilian law enforcement agency. So CBP is wanting performance evals from my agency along with a written statement on why I should be hired correct?
    And no, I could barely read the biggest letter on the chart without my glasses or contacts...
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  • Calitown
    replied to CBP officer
    Hey guys got an update for 3-11-2019....
    Passed my polygraph, background, SI, etc.

    Medical came back and said I need to submit a waiver due to corrected vision? Anyone wearing glasses that can't see anything more than a "finger count" without them passed the medical review...
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  • I knew a 35L who worked at the pentagon. Was issued a GOV and everything, seemed like a cool gig. As Kraut mentioned, you'll have a very good chance transitioning into HSI, /CIA or any of the 3 letter agencies as a 35 series....
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  • Calitown
    replied to Army CID Special Agent
    Damn had I known about the CID program before enlisting as a 31B...I would have definitely went that route. Only really heard of the CID, after serving on the active side, and even then, we worked mostly with MPI's.
    I think I would have stayed and made a military career out of it instead of transitioning...
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