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  • Joe Snuffy nailed it on the head

    A couple departments are hoping to send new hires to an academy in April, so their process is accelerated to meet that deadline.

    For example one agency I passed the written for, isn't hiring currently, so my oral board is actually 7-8 weeks...
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  • NGUChris
    replied to Chicago Police 2017
    Received my NTR at 2145. Definitely read what's permitted.

    I've taken a number of suburban tests and they've always been under the 3 hour estimate. I'm assuming this is a lot of waiting due to the large number of applicants to be processed.

    Anyone else sign up for the written...
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  • NGUChris
    replied to COPS AND FIRE Testing
    This was unlike a lot of other tests.

    Definitely have to work quickly and go with a gut feeling. I ended up leaving a number unanswered because of time.

    It was 80% to pass for the agency I tested for and swore I got in the 70s. Oddly enough I'm moving ahead with the process....
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