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  • shortyj
    replied to Student Loans - vent/rant
    The national guard was offering a student loan repayment program as well, but that turned out to be a giant scam.

    Unfortunately I know from experience....

    Still in debt...thanks uncle sam...
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  • shortyj
    replied to Addicts
    Its okay if you dont wanna talk about family stuff at work BUT it sounds like you do need to talk to someone about it. In our career field its easy to just think “I can handle it, Im fine” or “I get calls like that all the time, no big deal”.

    Reality is a big deal. This...
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  • I personally try not to judge another LEO in a situation Ive never been in.

    I totally can agree with ya’ll in saying he didnt do his job and was a coward.

    However....I also agree with those who are touching on the fact that no one really knows what they would do in a situation...
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