Hey Fly, how you been? A couple weeks ago a friend of mine (retired CPD Commander) asked if I wanted to make a few bucks working a detail. I don't usually work these, but the money was pretty good. I worked a midnight parked in the mouth of the parking lot at Pratt.

One of your Sgt's came by and we bs'ed for a while. His first name was Angel, forget the last name. I told him what I'm going to say to you. You guys at APD made LE proud that day. If not for the dedication and courage of your guys, the death toll could have been 25+ at Pratt. Your guys "walked the walk" that day. Your guys, from guys my age, to the newest of coppers went into the shiate without hesitation. I've talked to a bunch of my friends on CPD and retired CPD, and all, bar none, had nothing but praise for the actions of Aurora PD on that day. I pray that all your people involved fully recover from that incident.

My son is a Detective in a south suburb and has made noises about wanting to go to a bigger PD. Not CPD, he turned that down about 3 years ago. He was thinking on the order of Cicero , Berwyn, or Oak Lawn. I grilled poor Sgt. Angel about your place and relayed that info to my son, who may test down the line for your place, also.

Again, prayers to all your people involved that day fully recovering.. And you stay safe on those streets, Fly.

John Z. (Broken down retired CPD Detective LOL)