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  • It is obvious you don't have the maturity or aptitude to have a respectful discussion about this topic. I'm done with you. I'll continue to say that I hope some of you continue to fully educate yourselves on the topic if it interests you, and don't let the naysayers bully you from speaking your m...
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  • Right off the bat, you are disregarding my anecdotal statements just like you are trying to do with those who report to VAERS. I personally know two well respected doctors who were not taught about VAERS and did not know it existed until they were many years in their profession. How many doctors do...
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  • I'm not going to get into all of your statistics and break down how I feel they are very inaccurate or don't "paint the right picture", but I will just say, if people don't know about VAERS, they can't add to the report. Many doctors don't even know about VAERS. I know a couple of doctors...
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  • Have you ever had a loved one pass away unexpectedly shortly after receiving a vaccine? Do you know about the CDC VAERS database where you can report and read reports about the adverse reactions you or your loved one encountered after receiving a vaccine? How come the media, doctors, or pharmaceutical...
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  • Fraud Investigator
    replied to Hhs oig 2021
    When I interviewed with them years ago, I was also told I'd hear something within a week. When I didn't hear after a week, I followed up with the assistant who scheduled my interview and she also never followed up with me. I didn't find out I wasn't selected until months later when my usajobs account...
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