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  • TC127
    replied to FirstNet
    I switched to FirstNet from Sprint after a co-worker had only good things to say about it. He also pointed out several different environments here he had very strong service while I had little to no service. That, combined with the very low cost, got me interested. I was also concerned about the lack...
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  • Requesting thoughts regarding an Active Shooter Kit for pistol-only

    Currently, our Motor Officers do not carry long guns on the motors. Motor Officers are issued a car as well and long guns are stored in standard vehicle mounts. If a high-priority call comes out while a Motorman is on the bike, the current state of affairs would require a Motorman return to the station...
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  • Looking for input regarding long arms for Motor Officers

    I have been researching long arm options for saddlebag deployment, as our traditional town does not like the idea of visible rifle mounts on a motor. I have seen the Colt Commandos in the Southern Composites saddlebag mount and have reached out to KRISS regarding Vectors. We currently issue Glock 21's...
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  • TC127
    replied to Lateral to Florida
    I'm in the north portion of the Orlando metro. Lateral's as in keeping rank/time in grade really don't exist in this neck of the woods. A few agencies will honor LE experience up to a certain year count, usually around 3-5 years, and slide you up in the pay scale. Don't forget that you will have to...
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