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  • In this day and age, I cannot understand how anyone would be willing to go to work, unarmed, as a police officer wearing a police uniform.

    How do these unarmed agencies manage to hire people?
    Do these people not watch the news?
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  • In my jurisdiction (and I assume other jurisdictions have a similar setup) an arrest warrant grants police the power to forcibly enter a premises, for the purpose of arresting the person who is the subject of the warrant.

    So if there is a warrant issued for the arrest of Mickey Mouse, and...
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  • EchoFoxtrot
    replied to Parenting
    Growing up, I was allowed a fair bit of freedom, but I always knew that if I screwed up, there would be hell to pay when my father found out.

    I could go out with my friends, go to parties and so on - parents didn't mind as long as I behaved responsibly and was doing reasonably well at school....
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