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  • Thanks for all the help. Perhaps I should have posted the case law that allows this tactic... People V Nightingale (2012). This case law is a near perfect fit for my scenario. I’m not deviating from it in the slightest. I’ve also learned that this tactic is approved by many prosecutors (including...
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  • Thanks for all the replies. This is not the only tactic we are trying. It’s one of many. So if this doesn’t work, we will deal with it like any other tactic that doesn’t work. There is more to this case than I am letting on. Mainly because it would be too long to type. But he has confessed to...
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  • Thanks for your response to that. It’s an out of custody interview with just the suspect. There is no attorney involved. Yes, we have other evidence. But it doesn’t amount to PC to arrest. It’s a cold case and we know the suspect has told others that there were no DNA techniques back then. But...
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  • matty268
    started a topic Ruse documents as a tactic

    Ruse documents as a tactic

    Hello. Just wondering if any of you have used a document as a ruse during an interview with a suspect. For instance, a fictitious document that states the suspects DNA or fingerprints were found at the scene. I realize it’s probably pretty “iffy”, but I know it’s been done before. If you have...
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