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  • Off the top of my head I o ow they have several spots (or did) at Yazoo, Berlin and supposedly Thomson was getting ready to ramp up. But perhaps someone on the ground at one of them can chime in for more specifics.

    Most places are doing intermittent hiring. I know they revamped some Manning...
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  • in625shooter
    replied to TSA vs BOP
    Don't leave out (or specify the BIG difference in Retirement) in BOP as a FED LEO retirement you make more as a same GS non LE job but the biggest thing is on Retirement you earn 1.7% a year your first 20 years equates to 34% plus Social Security Supplement and TSP. (it reverts to 1% per year after...
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  • Several are hiring external Canadates it's just with some restraints due to the budget so they are hiring less.

    Where Yazoo is different is they have been trying to activate the USP fully for a couple years and have had staffing issues so there are several more positions....
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