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  • I agree completely. By far the biggest offenders of this (at least from what I have observed) are Juvenile Detention Centers and Corrections Deputies hired by Sheriff's Offices....
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  • Different agencies have different standards. I have come across some smaller, rural, police and sheriff's offices who have backgrounds that entail little more than running applicants through NCIC, state and local databases. I have also seen agencies who will literally send a background investigator...
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  • I can conclusively tell you that New Orleans has a VERY in-depth BG Investigation and strict hiring standards. If this was 25-30 years ago not so much, but in the last 10 years it has been shored up. If you are applying there with the thought they will overlook things or be willing to "take anybody"...
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  • Well this differs from agency to agency, but most have disqualifiers that fall in to one of two categories

    Automatic Disqualifiers - These are hard DQs that cannot be explained, mitigated, or waived in any form. These are usually the ones that are listed on an agency's website, hiring pamphlet,...
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