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  • Merlin, you can work 20yrs in 6c and transfer to another non-6c gig, but you cant retire until you hit 50yo, as I said above. You can work as many years as you want in a non-6c gig after you are done with your 6c 20yrs. Military time does not count toward those computations, but gets tacked on to the...
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  • "I might be wrong, but can't you retire at 45 with 20 years of 12D coverage plus the 5 years of military time you bought back? That there gives you 25 years in total."

    You mean 6c? No idea what 12D is. 6c retirement is 20yrs of service at least age 50yo OR 25yrs of service at...
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  • I've done the math for myself and the difference is drastic. To use a round number of $100k for the high three salary to compare 6c versus regular retirement.

    With 6c, I can retire at age 50 with 24yrs of LE service + 5yrs military time I bought back. Me retirement benefit would be $45800/yr....
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