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    (This question is prompted by a recent episode of Blue Bloods--hope that doesn't bother anyone.)

    When an officer arrests a suspect, would he automatically have access to, say, this suspect's military records? Would he see an after-action report about an incident when the veteran was in the military and be able to find out details of said incident?

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    The nice thing about cop shows on TV is that in 60 minutes, they can resolve issues that may take months or even years to complete. The can go from arrest, to trial to prison in 40 minutes and a dead body can make it to the morgue with the autopsy completed in less than five minutes.

    I've been retired for a while, but if I wanted something from a person's military records, I had to submit a written request to the military archives and wait about four or five weeks for a response.
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      In short, no. Also, an after-action report is not going to be in someone's personnel file. I think an episode of NCIS had a suspect's pay stubs and work history in their wonder computer.
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        Thanks, L-1 and Just joe!


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          Yep, the military doesn’t really do formal reports about most military operations in the first place. If they did, they wouldn’t be in an individual soldier’s file.

          The only three things similar that might exist are:

          1. the citation of an award, which would focus on the specific heroic act or acts of an individual or unit and not a record of the entire operation.

          2. the record of a court martial if one arose out of some act during an operation... but that would be the testimony of witnesses and would focus on the alleged criminal act snd not the operation itself.

          3. There are also official historical accounts created by the US Army Center for Military history:


          Other military branches have similar history organizations. These take years to create and involve reviewing official communications, interviewing participants and surveying the battlefields if possible.

          ...they also have occasionally been falsified. Notoriously, Brigadier General SLA Marshall is now known to have falsified much of the historical research he claimed to have conducted for various projects, and which other later work by other researchers was based on. In any case, such historical reviews take years to publish and rarely focus on the individual or small unit.
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            Hey, thanks a lot for the answers and the explanation.

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              Thanks, tanksoldier!


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