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Journalist needs your help with a story I'm writing about satisfied people


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  • Journalist needs your help with a story I'm writing about satisfied people

    Hi there! My name is Wes. I am a freelance journalist that would like to interview someone in law enforcement for a story I'm writing.

    I am writing a piece about people that are satisfied with life. New research shows that satisfied people have 4 unique personality traits that guide them through life. Good police officers seem to have these traits. And yet good police officers also face career burnout because being a good police officer is so hard.

    I am pitching my story to The Atlantic monthly, The New York Times Sunday magazine, Psychology Today, and a few other outlets. I can't guarantee that you will be a part of my story. But I would like to explore that with you as my story develops.

    Here's what I need from you if you are interested:

    I have a 10 minute online test that will assess how much of these traits you have. This test is run by Dr. Brent Roberts at the University of Illinois. It's easy, and free, and it asks you questions about yourself. It does not make you think. You may even finish it in 5 minutes. I took it and scored high in 2 of the traits and medium-low in the other 2. Does that mean that I'm dissatisfied with life? I don't know. That's what I want to explore in my piece.

    If you are interested in being interviewed for my story, I would like you to take this brief test and then discuss your results with me in a phone interview. I would like to focus on how much of these 4 traits you have and how these traits have played a role in your career in law enforcement. I have a list of questions I would like to ask you in our phone interview, which I can send you before our phone interview. Expect that our phone interview will take 45 minutes to an hour.

    I can also send you a link to the online test. PM me here, and I will do that.

    A big THANK YOU for reading my post and giving me your valuable time. I imagine that being a police officer is extremely hard and I thank you for the work that you do.

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    Elvis Presley once said the key to satisfaction in life is three things:

    Having something to do everyday.
    Having something to look forward to.
    Having someone to love.

    Be like Elvis.
    Chance favors the prepared mind.

    -Louis Pasteur


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      The Atlantic and NYT regularly post cop hating drivel. No thanks.


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        Have you tried contacting local departments? You really don't have any way of vetting your subject sample using this forum.


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          As just joe said, this is an online forum where anyone can access, post, and write. There's no way to know you're only getting LEO responses via this medium. You'd have far better luck if you could convince your local department to take part in your survey/research.


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            Asking for a friend/sarc....And what are these 4 unique personality traits?


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