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Warrants in an "Imminent Danger" Situation


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    Originally posted by Kieth M. View Post

    Yes, out of Supply Division, a civilian (or at times a burnt-out cop) who was available to respond and repair damage to doors erroneously kicked in/broken down.

    As a young rookie I stood at the end of a long hallway, in a skid row hotel, with two closed and locked doors in sort of a Bishop's Miter situation. I heard the crime in progress, kicked the door open, racked a round into my shotgun and watched a man levitate horizontally from a bed while screaming like a pre-schooler. "Excuse me" I said and promptly kicked the other door, where the supposed bad guy was. That was a call to the Wrong Door section.
    Hi Kieth,

    I believe they are out of Risk Management Division now. They will pay for doors and windows broken out during K-9 searches and some search warrants. They also respond PDQ when we shoot a dog, hoping the money now will hold off the lawsuit later.


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      AKA The Checkbook Officer, usually a LT.
      Now go home and get your shine box!


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        Being a cinder dick myself, I can tell you with certainty that almost no RRSA, (unless they were an engineer prior to going into LE) is going to have knowledge of how to operate a locomotive, much less have access to the keys to even start one.

        However, nearly every rail yard I've been in along with adjacent properties has holes in the fence.
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