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    If the higher-ups decide to suspend an officer or detective, how would he or she be notified of that decision? In person meeting (with a union rep?)? By phone? I'm assuming not by email...

    Thanks in advance...

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    A lot depends on local civil service laws and case law. For example in my state, officers who have attained permanent civil service status have what's know as a liberty interest (property interest) in their job, so you just can take that job away (even temporarily) on a whim and certain procedures must be followed. Here:

    1. An officer must be served with a written notice from a supervisor, advising him of the disciplinary suspension, how long it is for, when it is to take place, spelling out what misconduct caused the suspension and including Discovery, which is all the evidence they have against the officer to warrant the suspension.

    2. Prior to the suspension taking place, the officer and his representative are entitled to a pre-disciplinary hearing in front of whoever is above the person who decided upon the suspension. The officer may plead his case after which the disciplinary action may be dismissed, modified or sustained. .

    3. If disciplinary action is sustained in any manner, the officer is entitled to a full civil service hearing or arbitration after the action has been carried out.
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      This is very helpful, thank you!

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    Some places just wait for them to show up for work / shift then inform them and drive them home. Same for termination.
    If it's serious enough they may call him or her in on the off day or drive to their house and pick up their stuff. But if it's just a day, they may just tell them to stay home for that day.
    I also heard of cases where they make the suspended or terminated officer find their own way home.

    Of the ones that were driven home I've heard it's a LONG tense drive home for the officer and the supervisor driving them home.
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