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Movie About Parole Officers


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  • Movie About Parole Officers

    Hello all --

    I'm currently working on a film idea about a parole officer but I wanted to do all my homework first. It's important to me that the film is an accurate account of the parole officer's life, both at work and at home. Is there anyone on here who can help me with this? To my knowledge, there aren't many films about parole officers so I want to get it right.

    Thank you very much. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I've worked with a few. Keep in mind that I'm in Atlanta and it may be different in other parts of the country.
    Here, they have HUGE caseloads. If a high profile crime is committed by one of those on their caseloads, they (the PO) gets a lot of unwanted attention.
    They work long hours, occasionally erratic ones due to having to make a set number of visits to the parolees per month. Either on their jobs, or making sure they're home by whatever curfew is set.
    When they do a home visit, they usually will take a portable breathalyzer (most parolees can't drink).
    It the parolee violates the conditions of their parole, the PO will 'violate' them. This is the term used to set up a revocation hearing and possibly send them back to prison. The prisons are very overcrowded so more often than not they just get their parole extended.

    When someone (law enforcement usually) runs the parolee's criminal history it will show up if they are on active parole/probation and should list the parole officer and a contact number. If the parolee is arrested, the arresting officer is supposed to advise the PO.

    There are levels of supervision. I can't remember the terms.

    Sex offenders are very closely supervised. They have to register with the sheriff's office and must abide by a bunch of rules.

    If a parolee wants to visit family or some other legit reason and it involves leaving the state he has to get permission from his/her PO. A sex offender would have to register with the local sheriff. I don't know if a regular parolee does.

    I'm sure the terms are different but here, a police officer will sometimes ask a suspect if her/she is 'on paper' meaning are you on parole/probation?

    Parole officers are POST certified and are armed.
    There may be books on Amazon about procedures of PO's.
    It's a tough job.
    Hope this helps.
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      It varies a lot from state to state. For instance here in Nevada they are part of Dept of Public Safety and full on LEO from the training to the equipment. However I knew a lady who was a Parole Officer in another state and she was effectively a social worker. No gun, no LE certification.
      An interesting fact I heard once from a PO is that the repeat and career criminals are better than first time offenders because they know the game. For them the conditions of parole and/or probation are just part of business.
      I can attest to this in my work with offenders under psych evaluation. The guys with mile long criminal histories gave me less trouble than the young kids.

      Depending on your state though see if your local parole office offers a ride along or shadow program. Read up on your states laws pertaining to parole officer's powers.


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