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Violent Assault On 11-Year-Old Shoplifter Case Dropped As Securitas Agrees To Changes


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  • Violent Assault On 11-Year-Old Shoplifter Case Dropped As Securitas Agrees To Changes

    A security guard and Securitas were charged with assault and battery on a child under 14, and civil rights violations after a security guard at Primark in Boston assaulted a minor.

    The girl admitted to shoplifting clothing worth roughly $175.

    Then the security guard grabbed the girl “by the head and neck and threw her to the ground, punched her in the face while straddling her as she was on the ground”.

    The incident took place out of view of a security camera. But passersby and co-workers urged him to stop for several minutes.

    The security guard, a special police officer, had been disciplined multiple times before the incident for using “more force than permitted by the company and for violating protocol”.

    The security guard is due back in court, but the charges have been dropped against Securitas as they have agreed to revise its training program.

    In a civil lawsuit, Securitas made a payment to the girl involved. They are also to make a $25,000 donation to an organization that works to address “the mental health/trauma-related needs of young individuals and/or seeks to address the effect of community policing on juveniles and emerging adults”.

    Are we seeing justice taking place, or should security guard services be held accountable?

    Security guards should be trained to high standards and be responsible for their actions.

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