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UFC 182 recap & legitimate contenders at taking Jon Jones title


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  • UFC 182 recap & legitimate contenders at taking Jon Jones title

    Alexander Gustafsson, Anthony Johnson at LHW I personally think are all that's left. If Jon moves to HW he will not beat Cain Velasquez.

    I really thought that DC would be able to be the first guy to beat Jon and take his belt (not counting Hammill's DQ win). Cormier just had a hard time closing the distance and Jon utilized his strategy to fighting Cormier from the outside and as usual mixed up his strikes which is always versatile and caused problems for Cormier. Cormier is much heavier handed than Jon but lacks the versatility in his striking compared to Jon. Jon can effectively land, punches, elbows, high kicks, low kicks, knee kicks, side kicks, spinning kicks, knees, spinning elbows, low punches, body shots. Where as DC is limited to mostly power punches, some good combination punches, dirty boxing and some low leg kicks in terms of his striking.

    What really surprised me was in the 4th round when Jon was able to take down Cormier with the Olympic level wrestling credentials he has repeatedly. And DC has never been taken down in MMA before by anyone. He is not just an elite Olympic caliber wrestler, but his wrestling is MMA functional too. To his credit in the 5th round he was able to pick up Jones and slam him but it was irrelevant at that point.
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