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What's going on with MLB umpires?


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  • What's going on with MLB umpires?

    Bad umpires, what going on?...They've been blowing calls the entire playoffs...

    Check out the video, on the link, and see the blown call in yesterday's Angel/Yankee game...


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    Instant replay should be available for more than just contested home run calls.


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      Well, what do you know, I think someone finally did worse than Don Denkinger (maybe). Yes, I am still bitter about Game 6.
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        I think what alot of it is, is when an umpire makes a bad call and realizes it, he then thinks he needs to "make up" for it and screw over the other team with a call. When in reality it just makes them look horrible...AGAIN!

        These are pro umps, they need to start acting like it.
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          Speaking of bad umpiring, I've NEVER seen a bigger strike zone in my life than I've seen in this World Series. I thought it was bad back in Greg Maddux's hey day when he got a free inch on either side of the black. But during this World Series the strike zone has literally been from the chalk line of one batter's box to the other.

          A.J. Burnett had a decent game 2, but holy crap, there is a reason he got so many called strike 3s. It's because the batters had a good eye and knew the ball was 3 inches outside every time. They would show the pitch and you could tell it was an obvious ball, then they would show the "Fox-Tracker" and it showed it being a ball, and then the overhead camera would show the thing was over the chalk of the batter's box.

          I'd like to see a rule that prevents catchers from moving side to side. Make them actually stay in the catcher's box and move their glove only, not their whole body to catch the ball. Umpires move where the catcher moves and apparently don't know how to adjust the strike zone accordingly.


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