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Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian


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  • Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

    Just saw "Prince Caspian" - good movie! As in the first film, I really enjoyed the special effects...seeing well-done centaurs, minotaurs, fauns, gryphons, etc is pretty cool in my book Didn't adhere so well to the original story, but then again, probably would have been a boring movie if it did

    Anyone else see it?

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    I went a few days ago with my 2.5 and 6.5 year olds. We all really enjoyed it even though the 2 year old kinda lost track of her self a few times. That was the first larger series of books I read in 3rd grade, so I am kinda biased, but it rocked. I will go see it again in a few weeks.


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      I may go this weekend. I love seeing fantasy creatures brought to life!


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        Originally posted by Reiland View Post
        Didn't adhere so well to the original story, but then again, probably would have been a boring movie if it did
        What big things did they change? I read the first three books many times as a child and remember this one well.

        Let me guess: they probably did the final war as another all-out battle scene instead of 1-on-1?

        I only saw the first movie once but it seemed to stay pretty close to the book; I'm curious about this one.

        You can PM me if you think they will be spoilers: I'll probably forget by the time I see it, so it won't bother me!
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          Just saw it this weekend, I liked a lot, in my opinion it was better than the first one.
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            I liked it. I got the first one on dvd to see before the new one. I like them both.

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              We really enjoyed it...but it has been quite a while since I read the books.

              I thought it stayed fairly close to the book.
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                I probably as big a CS Lewis fan as you're going to find so I am a bit biased.

                Many things are out of order from the books, but at least they are there in some way.

                The biggest problem for me was that they introduce a weird semi-love story into it.

                I can just imaging some guys sitting around a table in Hollywood...

                "How can we improve on CS Lewis' masterpiece?"

                "I know! Let's make it a love story!"

                "That's brilliant! Way better than one of the greatest writers of the 20th century!"

                Eh. I hate it when they do that...

                Overall, it was pretty well done.

                - js
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                  Was the thing with Caspian and the girl the "love story"? I thought it felt kind of "tacked on" actually.

                  I hate when they do that...Like with the movie "queen of the damned" where they took Anne Rice's brilliant idea and screwed it up so bad it was unrecognizable. One of the main things they did was competely fabricate a love story that had no basis whatsoever in the books, because obviously the American audiences are too vacuous to enjoy a story that lacks a romantic subplot.


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                    This movie was a huge...HUGE...stinker. I wanted to kill myself while suffering through 140 minutes of dry heaves. Much too long and total crap, crap, carp, crap, crap. Just horrible.
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