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Street Dogs of South Central


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  • Street Dogs of South Central

    Its a documentary movie that is set to premiere on Animal Planet in January 2011. Its supposed to be about a mother that attempts to teach her pups how to survive the streets of South Central Los Angeles.

    Check out the trailer:

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    I can honestly say that I never, ever in a billion years would have come up with this as a documentary idea.
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      so wait, is this like some thinly veiled social commentary about some welfare mother trying her children in South Central LA?


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        We call them ghetto deer!!


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          Watched this last night............OMG 30K dogs running the streets.

          Queen Latifah did a great job as the narrator. Anyone else watch it?
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            Originally posted by LAschoolCop View Post
            We call them ghetto deer!!
            Don't you mean ghetto ELK?

            I recall being in a black and white and surrounded by about 30 of them. I had to respond when one got north of Washington Blvd and ran head first, T-boning and DENTING a police car driven by Brian Liddy. The dog ran off...if it weren't for the crap and slobber on his door, I'm sure there are those who would have discounted Brian's story. They had to wake up a senior CI detective to get an opinion on how to write the report....sure enough hit & run by a dog!
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              [QUOTE=Kieth M.;2987028]Don't you mean ghetto ELK?

              That's what we called them, also. There would be packs roaming the ghetto on mids, and you could tell the alpha dog in the pack. Usually the one you had to shoot if you got out of the car.


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