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  • 90210

    There has been a LOT of hype about the NEW 90210. Some of the old cast like Shannon "the bitch" Doherty and Jennie Garth will be reprising their old roles as Brenda and Kelly. Tori Spelling was supposed to be on board but due to salary conflict (she wanted too much money) she isn't going to be on the new series.

    There are some familiar faces like Rob Estes and Lori Laughlin that will be on the show. As well as a new comer Shenae Grimes that is better known as "Darcy" on the Canadian teen soap opera Degrassi (The Next Generation).

    Will be interested to see if this new series can live up to the hype.

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    I bet its gonna flop.
    Any time people try to "remake" the show couple years later- it hurts. and the only reason people typically do this-$$$$$$$$$$

    hype is hype. The first was a GREAT show, and had a couple spin offs.
    Just remember- the person that thought it up, wrote out most of the plots and cast his Daughter (who due to money isn't even on this one) isn't here anymore, and Darren Star isn't even a consult to them.
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      Some interesting points however there have been some spin-off's that have been very sucessful. For example The Jefferson's, Frasier, Melrose Place and the Canadian show Degrassi has been spinning off since the 80's and is HUGE in Canada and has a large following in the US.

      I hope that 90210 is a hit. It would be good to have a generation that USED to watch in the 90's will be able to watch with the kids of today. I have a teenage cousin and she tells me basically how tough it is if you like something other then the "crowd" likes. I told her to like what she likes, easier said then done. However it made me realize that even as adults there is the pressure to fit in with the "click". There are clicks EVERYWHERE from school to work to even chat boards. As the kids get older they have less in common with the folks and even less to talk about. A show that both the parents and kids can relate to would be pretty cool. Also admittedly I became a "late fan" in the 90's and it was the thing to do on Monday night. 90210 and Melrose Place.

      AAAHHHH those were the days! LOL


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        Well so far I like it. There are a few very odd twists so far but I think its good to put it out there upfront then to wait two years and write in a character and a situation (like a mystery sister like they did to Jane on Melrose Place)
        I liked the episode last night when the parents made the kids go on family night to the bowling alley. The kids thought it was so lame and begged off but the parents didn't budge. It turned out all the friends showed up and some of the popular kids even admitted they were envious of the "family night".

        What I wonder is who is Sam's father? I think it will be Brandon but they are keeping it a secret for now making you wonder if its Brandon or Dylan.

        I think its not a bad show so far. Of course I am slightly over teen years.. lol


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