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    I have made a decsion.
    I, am getting a new computer!
    I will get one on sale, as its almost back to school time. therefore ...

    all you nerds, I need a little help.
    I do some pics, but not alot.
    I have a H U G E file of reciepes, and collet them endlessly. (yes I cook and do try most of what I find)

    I game very little.
    **must be able to habe firefox, as I can't stand IE***

    tell me what i need to look for please.
    (this one has been wiped at least three times. so I do have some back up files. to go on there. )

    (A) anti virus
    (B) memery
    (C) apple...windows???

    I need nerd help!!!
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    What are you looking to spend? HP and Dell all make fine and inexpensive PC's for what your purposes will be.

    HP Pavilion a6560t series

    If you go to the HP website and select that PC, upgrade the RAM to 3gigs, the Hard drive to 500 gigs, the graphics card to 256mb one and get that norton 3 year protection.

    Also I strongly recomend you get an external HDD for backing up your pictures and videos. If you collect alot of pics and vids, you will want to back those things up.
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      In general, I think it's best to look at the appications you want to run, and then look for what you need to run them after you've done that.

      Assuming you're looking for something portable, I suggest you look for a machine that runs at better than 1Ghz, has 500MB-1GB or more memory, and has a 40GB or better HD.

      Recipes, being textual, don't take much storage space. You can store more than a million of them in less than 1% of your 40GB HD in your notebook machine.

      Decisions about the processor and operating system can be problematic. Given that the general user interface is bundled with OS, the OS choice is largely a matter of personal preference. The most popular OSs are Windows (I think XP Pro is better than Vista Home), and Mac OS X. The Mac uses a different processor (a Motorola-type as distinguished from an Intel type). The Mac OS X, with the right software, can run Windows programs. You can get software to allow you to run Mac stuff on the PC, but that generally isn't done. Also, the Mac OS X machine has a Linux kernel, so it can run Linux programs.

      As for anti-virus considerations: the Macs and Linux machines are generally less vulnerable, but the available programs to combat viruses and other malware for the PC are pretty good.

      When you like the way your machine is, run a backup, so you can put it back that way again if anything changes in a way you don't like. Also, you should try to be sure to have orginal install CDs for the OS and application software; not just a restore disc. That way if something goes wrong, you can reinstall only what's hosed, instead of the entire content of your HD. Make sure you have a CD or DVD burner, and software to use it, so you can burn all your recipes, pics, etc. onto discs.

      If you ask some questions that are more specific, I for one will be glad to respond.




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        The Mac uses a different processor (a Motorola-type as distinguished from an Intel type).
        That was true years ago but since mid 2005 Mac has been based on Intel processors.

        The Mac OS X, with the right software, can run Windows programs.
        In fact, the Apple Macs can run not just windows programs but the entire Windows O/S at the same time as running OSX.

        Also, the Mac OS X machine has a Linux kernel, so it can run Linux programs.
        OSX does not have a Linux kernel. The kernel is Mach and the surrounding O/S is FreeBSD based. The result is called Darwin and is freely available. Mac OS X adds the Apple graphical user interface to make OS X.

        I highly recommend an Apple system. The easier use and the absence of viruses make it a simple choice.


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          Macs still have several program compatibility issues correct? I've seen programs and games that aren't even out yet and they say they will not be releasing a version for the Mac.

          But looking at the needs of the poster, I would also recommend an Apple system.

          I don't know about the current Macs but I will go over some of the standards computers are at these days. The processor should probably be 2.2Ghz+, RAM probably 2GB at least, hard drive maybe up to 500GB, DVD drives are standard now (some even come with Blu-ray), graphics card should be around 512MB video memory (I don't know what kind Macs run but I would compare one to the Nvidia 7800GTS). You don't really have to worry about the power supply or motherboard (unless you want HDMI and such).


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            Personally, unless you do a lot of intense gaming, I would go with a Mac. Like was already posted, Macs have been Intel-based for years. They use almost the exact hardware as other PC's. I use a PS3 for gaming, so that's not a concern for me.

            Keep in mind, you CAN run XP/Vista on Macs these days NATIVELY, or virtually with something like Parallels or VMWare Fusion... basically "Windows in a window." That was a huge selling point for me. The funny thing is, I never use XP/Vista, except in the academy when I had to use our state accident program (XP only).

            If you're like most people who primarily want to use:
            - Word, Excel, Powerpoint
            - Surf the web
            - Send e-mail
            - Burn music CD's
            - Download music
            - Import pics from your digital camera, and do cool things with them such as web pages, books, prints
            - Edit home movies
            ... then I think a Mac is the best way to go. My computers NEVER crash. In the rare event a program freezes, it does not take the system down. My desktop has been on for over a month with no crashes. Someday I might have to worry about spyware, viruses, and other crap... until then...

            Based on what you posted, I recommend an iMac (or MacBook if you want a laptop). Go to an Apple store, Best Buy, or friend and try them out. Keep in mind that OS X is very configurable and you can adjust things to your liking. I think you'd be happy even with the entry-level 20" iMac. One thing I'd advise against: don't order extra memory (RAM) from Apple. You can get it on eBay for FAR less. Check out how EASY they are to spec and buy.


            I've also had good luck buying from Apple's refurb store. Basically, they resell returned items in like-new condition with warranty for a discount. I couldn't tell mine was used.

            I'll quote myself from another post, since there's not much new that I can add, other than I purchased my iPhone and am very happy with it. When the company that writes the software also builds the computer, you can expect a much better computing experience. Stuff just works much better.

            Originally posted by Resq14 View Post
            I like Apple and Macs, after years of despising them. Just to be clear, I was a big PC geek and used to build my own computers from parts I ordered online.

            I switched in 2006 after a fellow officer on here (rook21) suggested I look at a MacBook Pro when I was in the market for a new laptop. I made two 150 mile trips to the closest Apple retail store to use them hands on, before I decided that it was the right choice. Since then, I have had ZERO desire to go back! I've purchased a Mac Pro desktop and many other Apple-related accessories. I'd encourage people to be open minded about it. While there can be "culture shock" in switching, OS X is highly configurable and can be tweaked to your liking. There were some growing pains, as well as some time spent researching ways to adjust settings to my liking. While nothing's perfect, I think OS X and Apple's hardware and software is, for the most part, top notch stuff.

            I no longer waste time worrying about spyware, corrupt registries, cryptic error messages, drivers, blah blah blah. I used to take pride in my ability to "tinker" and "troubleshoot." If you enjoy doing this, stick with XP/Vista or a flavor of Linux. While it's given me good problem solving experience, I'm happier just using my computers to get things done transparently.
            You may be able to get a cheaper computer elsewhere, but I wouldn't. In a year or so (if not sooner) you'd regret it. My laptop is 2 years old and running strong. PLUS, I could sell it for not too much less than I paid for it. This would offset the purchase price of a new one. Who would want to buy a used 2 year old Dell? Not me!

            Good luck.
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              www.macmall.com. Best prices on a machine that may be more expensive initially, but cheaper and more reliable in the future.

              On the rare occasion I need to run windows, I can switch to parallels and run both OS at the same time.
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                I called the Dell # when i wanted mine, and the girl walked me thru it all. She asked everything, and i told her all the things like you listed at the beginning. Each thing i needed, and what i was going to be using mine mostly for. I've been very happy with it and how they helped me with my needs. Good luck!


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                  If you're buying a prebuilt, I'd go Dell before I went HP.

                  Nothing wrong with a Mac per se, I'm just not a fan of them. I build my own PC's, so I'm a Windows guy by necessity. Though I do dabble in Linux.

                  Just about anything would do the job for you, your hardware requirements aren't that high.

                  I recommend at least 1GB of RAM, at least a 500GB hard drive (storage is cheap, and many pre-builts have limited expansion room anyhow) and a discrete video card. (By discrete I mean an actual video card is installed, not graphics on the motherboard itself).

                  Or, you could build your own. It's actually not that difficult at all (heck, I do it!)
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                    Thanks for the corrections. I should've been more careful about those specifics.

                    As you pointed out, the Mac OS X kernel is not Linux (Linus Torvald's version of Unix). I was using the term perhaps too loosely in referring to the Unix capability of the machines.

                    The Mac OS X kernel is XNU, which consists of Mach (the OSF microkernel), BSD, and I/O-Kit.

                    I had not been aware of the switch from PowerPC to Intel. Thanks again.




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                      Yeah I meant to add to that.

                      OS X Leopard is an Open Brand UNIX 03 Registered Product.
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                        Keep an eye out for sales at Staples/BB/etc- I was able to get a perfectly decent laptop for my sister for 350 or 400 bucks.
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