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  • LA DEP
    Another resource is to make sure the local LEOs know who he is......and that HE knows that they know who is he......

    Hopefully, they will take a similar policy that alot of us do; if he violates one little bit of his parole/probation conditions, then he goes back to prison.....I dont care if he is 10' past where he is suppossed to be.....hook him up, and send the animal back to the cage he belongs in......

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  • Mrs. Hoppes
    He is court ordered to stay away from parks, schools, and not contact his list. What the area laws are, I don't know.

    I know here, the laws state that molesters can not live within 500 feet (or is it yards?) of a school. So one creep lives in an apartment above a bus stop.

    I'm just trying to think of how I would react if it were my community or if my child's name were on that list. One thing is for sure. My children would lose a lot of freedom. Even though they are small, they play outside by themselves. If we lived in town, that would not be allowed. Being rural has its perks. But if my child's name were on that list and we were in that community, they would not be allowed outside without one of us there. They would not have pizza and movie overnights with my SIL. (She fills the "grandma" role.) I would no longer go for peaceful walks while the children were at their piano lessons. I'd be sitting there with them. Their (and our) lives would change.

    I would also lead a protest.

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  • LA DEP
    I take it that area does not have an equivalent to the anti-molester law that CA has?.....where they cannot live within a certain distance of a school, park ect ect?

    One thing that has been on more than a few occasions here in SoCal is to set up protesters across the street from wherever the guy lives....more or less make his life a living hell until he moves somewhere else.....

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  • Mrs. Hoppes
    started a topic If this was your community....

    If this was your community....

    What would you do? Speaking as a parent.


    ONTARIO - Parents are concerned for their children's safety, after officials say a convicted sex offender made a list of 32 girls to "look up" once he gets out of jail.

    Christopher Dwayne Watson has been locked up in the Malheur County Jail for the past 90 days for a sex crime with a minor. Erin Landis with the Malheur County District Attorney’s office tells NewsChannel 7 that sheriff's deputies found a list titled "people to look up," written by Watson.

    That list includes 32 local girls ages 6 to 17 and his original 15 year old victim. Watson is scheduled to be released from jail Friday.

    "They're now prisoners. Our kids are prisoners, and we don't know what to do to make it better for them," said a parent who has a daughter on a list created by a convicted sex offender.

    Authorities believe Watson read newspaper articles about these girls to come up with his list.

    The list was so detailed it that had everything short of an address to look these girls up. The news is putting the Malheur County community on guard.

    "My daughter feels like her freedom has been taken away, because she's afraid to go anywhere, because he is going to be in our community. And it's scary," said Terri, whose daughter is on the list.

    Four parents were all notified last month by a letter from the Malheur County District Attorney's office informing them that their daughter was on the list they say was made by Watson.

    "My daughter has been scared to death. She can't sleep at night, she's wondering, I hear that this guy is getting out," said Sandi whose daughter is also on the list.

    Landis says as of Friday morning Watson is done serving his 90 day sentence, and the law can no longer hold him.

    "We've done what we feel we can,” Landis said. “We've got him housed at the community Corrections Center. It's our expectation that he will spend the vast majority of his time there. If he does choose to leave that's an option, but we are going to keep an eye on him with the GPS.”

    In addition, Watson will not be able to go anywhere near parks or schools, places where kids gather.

    He also has to stay away from the girls on the list.

    Landis says they gave Watson's picture to local law enforcement so they can keep tabs on him as well.

    "Sex offenders living in a community is an unfortunate reality for most communities, “ Landis said. “You have to do what you can to protect the kids. Our office certainly tries to do that on daily basis, but unfortunately there's nothing more we can do right now in this particular situation.”

    Now the parents and their kids ages six to 17 are left to fend for themselves. One parent said he has a solution.

    "(We) have a buddy system. Our kids, no matter whether the young ones or the old ones, they will always have someone with them no matter what, and within cell phone reach," said Wayne who has his daughter on the list.

    The parents say knowing who is on the list and his criminal past makes them believe he could re-offend.

    "That list also included his victim,” on of the children’s mothers said. “So to me in my mind they're just targets. So he has done something. That list is not set off by itself away from his initial crime. His initial crime he put on that list as well. So that, in my mind, is intent.”

    Watson met his 15-year-old victim on the Internet and traveled from Georgia to meet her.

    Landis says Watson was actually living with the girl, without her parent's knowledge, when he committed the crime.

    Since Watson has no ties to Malheur County, the District Attorney's office is trying to send him back to Georgia to serve his three years of probation.

    In the meantime he will spend most of his days at a Community Correction Center in Ontario.

    We should know by early next week if that transfer will happen. If it doesn't Watson could stay in the area indefinitely.

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