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Describe Your Goofed Up Body Parts


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  • Describe Your Goofed Up Body Parts

    • My nose is crooked - broken too many times in fights, football and accidents
    • My one tatoo is becoming more and more one big blob rather than the beautiful multicolored eagle it once was
    • I have perfectly straight, white teeth - except for one goofy tooth next to my left front tooth - it's a bit off for some reason
    • I have a cowlick in my hairline, front, dead center.
    • My right knee looks deformed because of three football surgeries the old fashioned way - before they had arthiscopic. Scars all over the place
    • Mt left arm is noticibly less defined that the right. Hmmm.....
    • The bag under my left eye is darker than the right.

    And you........................?
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    On the middle finger of my right hand, I have a hard time growing my fingernail long enough...it always splits.

    Does that count?


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      Sounds goofed up to me!
      The All New
      BBQ and Goldfish Pond Club
      Sully - IAM Rand - JasperST - L1 - The Tick - EmmaPeel - Columbus - LA Dep - SgtSlaughter - OneAdam12 - Retired96 - Iowa #1603
      - M1Garand

      (any BBQ and Goldfish Pond member may nominate another user for membership but just remember ..... this ain't no weenie roast!)


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        My left arm is noticeably more tan than my right (truckers tan)
        I have stubby little toes for some reason, but fat feet.
        I have attached earlobes.
        Sometimes it looks like one of my eyes is open more than the other.
        My eyes/ears arent perfectly level with eachother, its barely noticeable.
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          My pointer fingers on both hands lean to the left and right, left leans left, right leans right. Then the one's both to the left and right of my middle fingers, left for my left hand, right for my right hand, lean to the right and left LOL.

          my eyes look chinese, even though my personality is extremely different.

          I have tan lines HAHA


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            I'm too handsome...Damn it!!!...



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              The hair on my arms is always sticking straight up, like I have goosebumps. It annoys me greatly when people say I'm cold, and turn the heater on. Even when I'm sweating...


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                -my left side ribs stick out funny.

                -left hand, otherwise known as "frankenhand" has 3 big scars and I have about 85% movement of my thumb and index finger from surgery.

                -my fingernails are sharp, no matter what I do, the edges are sharp and scratch (break skin) without meaning to.

                -my hair. it's just goofy... wavy, curly, frizzy and has a mind of it's own.

                -right hand and foot are slightly smaller than left
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                  middle finger on right hand curves slightly so I kinda have a permanent Vulcan "live long and prosper" sign

                  left eyelid closed more than right eyelid

                  appendix scar

                  scar on top of head from a swing set mishap, only shows if I cut my hair too short

                  and probably the most goofy thing....I'm kinda crossed wired between my hands. If I move my fingers on one hand, my other hand will slightly mimick it no matter how hard I try to stop it. rather annoying at times.
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                    I'm completely irresistible to older drunk overweight women.
                    "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kickass -- and I'm all out of bubblegum."


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                      Two of my toes on each foot are webbed. Yes, I can swim like a mad man.




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                        Dwarf Pinkies

                        I have long fingers, but my pinkies are very short. When wearing gloves, its hard to find gloves that fit, except my pinkies, there's always a lot of extra fabric at the tips.

                        When I put my arms straight up, they hyperextend/curve outward.

                        I can make my knee make a knocking sound - and no doctor, that I've been too, has been able to tell me what it is/brushes it off as nothing serious.

                        I always thought I had a weird shaped cabeza.

                        I have a high waist: Longer legs, shorter torso.

                        That's all I can think of now...

                        My brother has this perfectly straight line down his left arm where one side of the skin is darker than the other. I always fashioned him a chimera.
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                          One foot is a half a size bigger than the other...or either the other one is half a size smaller...however you want to look at that.

                          My eyes appear to change colors. All the time. It's like they are freaking mood rings or something.

                          I naturally have the oddest color of red hair. I don't get as many comments as I used to, but it's definately different colored.

                          I don't agree with your opinion, but I respect its straightforwardness in terms of wrongness.


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                            i have a huge scar from 2 surgeries from when i was a teen on my head, if i ever go bald it would be a horror story, girlfriends clutching their boyfriends and babies crying for their moms when i walk by...lol its from ear to ear but over the top and is hidden by my hair. plus my skull is all sorts of deformed looking, once again hidden by my hair, left eyebrow ridge not as defined as my right as it's made of metal and plastic...back of my head slightly flat, bone graft and metal plate also hidden by my hair, top of my head flat bone graft and metal plate as well...all my fingers are crooked, i've broken them all, scars all over... fell down 2 flights of stairs chin needed 30 stitches, fell on broken car glass when i was 10 my right knee looks like spaghetti, huge appendicitis scar (my surgeon was 80 and didn't give a crap about how it looked, mine is 6 inches long and everyone else that i know that has one from back then has a 2 or 3 inch one.) my pinky toes are so jacked up, i've smashed them into the foot of the bed and broken them so many times i'll just lay their clutching my foot, cry for a minute, and keep it moving to the doctor.
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                              I have thick thighs.
                              I have a burn on my right forearm. curling iron....
                              one tooth had to be capped. its a pegged tooth,
                              I have a scar above my left eye, in the brow, busted my head on a swimming pool side. (sliding down a water slide)
                              I have almost no legmen left in my ankles. I have sprain them both badly at different times. once so bad they could not tell if it was broken or sprained- with an X ray!
                              I have some sag skin.(stomach, arms, legs,) I was HUGE as a teen and have lost over 125 pounds (that yes I have kept off)
                              I have scoliosis, slightly. I almost always slouch when sitting.
                              both ears are double pierced.
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