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Cleaning up OC Spray.... In a car.


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  • Cleaning up OC Spray.... In a car.

    So it finally happened. I tempted fate long enough, and it finally bit me in the butt.

    Earlier this morning I went to get in to my car, and I suddenly felt that 'tingly' sensation in the back of my throat. Upon further review of my backseat, I found that a canister of OC had apparently exploded sometime earlier in the day. I've kept a can in the backseat and trunk on many occasions, and especially on much hotter days then this. But something obviously kicked, and it apparently 'went off'. I found can innards under all the seats.

    I instantly began cleaning it with Woolite and Spray and Wash - and after a really runny - nose hour, I got the 'worst' of it up. Now what remains is the stench and a fairly large stain.

    Any thoughts on the best way to clean this up further? The main problem is that its cloth seats, rather then a material that could just be 'washed'. I wonder if anyone has ever had this happen before.

    Does this require a special detailer or shop cleanse? Or is there a way to get the rest of this out on my own.

    Thanks! (I had no idea where to post this).

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    I would say try a good degreasing product - Dawn dishwashing liquid diluted, purple cleaning solution, simple green to name a few - and a Bissell green machine or Bissell upright steam cleaner with attachments, HOT HOT water (to help cut the oily residue from the OC Spray) and start scrubbing sweetie. Once that is done and it dries if the oily stain is still there you could maybe try calling your local auto detailer and ask IF there is any way to get the oily residue out of the fabric. The reality is that you may have to recover those puppies...
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      Thanks for the ideas. I'll get cracking on trying the dawn tomorrow. Perhaps I can find a steam vacuum somewhere.

      Too be honest though, I'm really worried less about the stains, and more about getting that nice peppery aroma out of the car. I'd rather see then smell it.


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        Resolve carpet cleaner is really good stuff as well. Get the canister will a built-on scrubbing nozzle. Spray a few feet away from the mess. Cover it really well, but don't soak the fabric. Let the Resolve bring the stain to the surface, and keep scrubbing. Vacuum the car thoroughly.


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          Just don't drive naked anymore until you get it out!
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            I love the smell of that stuff! I hope mine does not do that!!!
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              LochRaven.. I had the same thing happen a few years ago in my pov... luckily the canister was in the center console when it exploded. I got in the car and was immediately overcome. I cleaned out what I could and then drove around with the windows down for awhile to help air it out.


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                "Trustee, go clean my car. Make sure you get all that pepper spray out of the back seat."

                problem solved
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