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School cafeteria food...what was the best?


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  • School cafeteria food...what was the best?

    There are no lack of jokes about bad school cafeteria foods, but I was waxing nostalgically last night at dinner, and thought about what they did right:

    When I was in junior high, the cafetria did two things I tried to never miss. One was the bean burrito...plain refried beans on a flour tortilla. The tortilla had the right amount of crunch to it. The other was their spaghetti, which was always served with a slice of French bread. Back at the long tables, the luckier souls got the end pieces of the bread, which were then hollowed-out and the spaghetti placed inside.

    Our cafetria lunches cost twenty-five cents, and you could get double-portions of the entree and the bread at a cost of forty cents. Knowing this, we'd often pay the 15 cents difference to a friend, then get the extra entree.

    So, what (If anything) did your school do right in their kitchen?
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    My high school was brand new, we didn't have a cafeteria and had to brown bag it for lunch.
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      Pizza. and every Tuesday and Thursday we had a taco bar that was optional with whatever else they were fixing that day. It actually wasn't to bad.


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        Chicken nuggets and fries, and that rectangle pizza were the best when I was in elementary school. (no wonder I was a fat kid)
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          Hollowed out french bread....good idea.

          We had monitors who stood by the garbage can to scrap your tray...for remnants. We HAD to eat all of the food...and they would send you back to the long tables if you didn't.....

          So...we would stuff the lima beans and whatever wasn't edible into the milk carton....pretend to suck out the last bit of milk...and quickly throw it into the garbage as the monitor scraped the tray.

          We would also "launch" the lima beans across the cafeteria with those "sporks" (spoon fork).

          What was their best entree???? Salsbury steak, mash potatoes and the 5 cent orange half and half ice cream.
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            It had to be the gruel type stuff that had the funky mold growing out of it. If you scraped off the mold, underneath would be a translucent like gelatin liquid gelatin hybrid type of material. That had the little specks in it. Add some lawrys seasoning salt, mix it up with the stale/hard *** bread and you got yourself a meal. Oh yea, and the chicken nuggets looked and tasted nothing like chicken.


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              Hmmm . . . . . never really thought any of that stuff was actually edible I think I stopped eating school lunches from 5th-12th grade.....

              But I always remember the pizza being pretty popular . . .

              I remember the milk drinking contests too . . . that was always pretty gross
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                The way it flew through the air and stuck to the walls, faces, and whatever else it hit. Oh wait I meant to say the pizza and chocolate milk.
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                  The 40 cent rectangular pizza.


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                    My school had the best fried chicken and mashed potatoes.
                    I loved the pizza and the french fries topped off with the choclate milk.
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                      Didn't do the cafeteria thingy when I was in school. Mom's home cooking had me spoiled, I guess.

                      During the years I taught D.A.R.E. one of my schools would have meatball stew in the cafeteria at least once a month. (Dang, my mouth just started watering thinking about it.) Really good eatin'. For a school cafeteria, anyway.

                      Also helped to be in tight with the cafeteria ladies. (A few extra D.A.R.E. t-shirts every year did wonders.)

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                        Crunchitos (deep-fried beef burrito), Super Nachos (chips with chili con queso, got rid of those after 6th grade), the cookies from the snack bar (probably chemically infused to stay super soft and chewy for 5000 years)

                        And at the first college I went to, the caf had waaaaaay too many good things to list. Honestly, I was completely suprised with the quality of the food


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                          My high school had a killer vegtable stew, other than that it was the pizza, burgers sheppards pie. Always peach or apple cobbler when on menu. Lunch was fifty cents and you could go back through and purchase another lunch if you wanted


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                            We had subway on Tuesdays & Thursdays & Scarcella's Pizza on Friday!

                            The season curly fries were pretty popular too. We didn't have the typical cafeteria food, didn't even have a cafeteria, we had an ala cart style food court.

                            I also enjoyed a pretzel with cheese, no salt!
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                              Oh yeah, I remember the Chili and peanut butter sandwhiches. I also loved the home made yeast rolls with the chicken and noodles.


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