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What do you eat on a good day?


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  • What do you eat on a good day?

    By good day I mean a day where you're eating what you know you should. This is tough because we all like to eat and eat things that taste good, right? But I'm 41, and while I have always kept in pretty good shape, I was not blessed with the best genetics and I always have to work extra hard.

    Now, I have done many things over the years and find that while many things work for me, I can't really be too regimented because I feel like when I want to have something I should be able to. I used to do Body For Life where I would eat six small low fat meals six days per week and cheat one day. Problem there was that if an occasion came up to cheat and it wasn't my day( Sunday), I hated rearranging my days. Then with low carb, I felt I couldn't have pizza or beer when I wanted.

    So, now I simply eat five or six small sensible meals per day, not to the point of where I am ultra strict, but I do not take an entire day to pig out like I did on Body for Life either. It seems to be working well as I am now a steady 6 feet 215 pounds.

    Anyway, here is what I will eat on a typical day.

    Morning: Two Kashi Whole Grain waffles with Almond Butter and a glass of low sodium V-8.

    Mid Morning: Non fat yogurt mixed with cottage cheese

    Lunch: Turkey and cheese on wheat bread, with mustard, lettuce and tomato

    Mid afternoon: an apple

    Dinner: Chicken Breast with baked potato and a salad.

    Now again, if it's a night where the wife and kids want pizza, I'll eat that instead of chicken breast but I'll only have two slices and I'll be fairly strict during the day. If I want beer, I'll have one or two.

    I have seemed to be able to stick to this. Anyone else have any good ideas?

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    I usually eat a lowfat yogurt early am. mid morning, A bar with oats fruit nuts and other things that are usually fed to livestock, I eat an apple for lunch or a very small portion of soup or pasta and a salad, Snack of cheese or fruit mid afternoon and then usually chicken or elk for dinner.

    But tonight i'm having a big friggin cheeseburger w/ chili fries
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      I don't have good days, lol.

      I usually eat when I first wake up and have a bowl of cheerios, or a granola bar, or a pop tart or a bagel.

      I eat some type of fast food on the way to work.

      Then I eat whatever they are serving in the dining room at work that night.


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        On a good day it's coffee with a teaspoon of sugar, some kind of breakfast meat with eggs, some assorted nuts, low carb fruits and veggies (melon, berries, broccoli, squash) and more meat. I might throw in a cookie or some other sweet if I felt I've done well. Most of the sweets are home-baked and sometimes partially or fully whole wheat.
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          I start work at 6 am so I skip breakfast altogether.

          On a good day, for dinner at least, I will have:

          either 1 chicken breast or pork chop
          fake potatoes (the ones out of the box by Betty Crocker)
          Brussels Sprouts or green/yellow beans
          steamed broccoli and cauliflower with Lemon Herb seasoning

          and I'll also have a glass of milk and a yogurt after.

          On a bad day I'll just eat anything that catches my interest. Fridays I go to the pub so I usually have Steak and Torpedo Prawns. Or, if I have a really bad Friday, such as last night when I learned my so-called "friend" sold me out, lied and made me out to be someone I am not...I'll have no food, and many many drinks.
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            Typical breakfast of Bangus (milkfish) rice and eggs. This time the eggs are an omelet but more usual is sunny side up and this time it is fried rice and another time it might be garlic rice. Mangoes are typical as are slices of cucumber and tomato on my plate.

            Dinner last night was brisket that was cooked 3.5 hours in a tomato chili sauce with the meat falling apart from just seeing the fork. Also served with rice but plain rice this time.

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                A man can never go wrong with steak!
                Some people were just dropped on their heads as children more than the rest of us!


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                  for breakfast...
                  I love granola and fruits,with yogurt or cottage cheese.
                  I have been known to grab a kolache with egg and cheese on the way to work some days.

                  Lunch is typically what ever is left over from last nights dinner.
                  pasta with seafood or chicken / vegetables
                  chicken and potatoes, or rice, gravy and some veggies
                  a big salad with grilled chicken, or beef fajitas in there. (always ranch dressing)

                  well it depends on whats thawed out and what I feel like cooking

                  at this moment I have a pot of beans to start cooking and will have beans and rice several days this week. they have been soaking over night.
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                    * my fruit and eggs come from the farmers market
                    * I make my granola
                    * I cook as healthy as I can watching fats, oils and the such.
                    ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
                    Oscar Wilde


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                      On a good day?

                      Hairball FTW!!!


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                        Hey, nice food pics. I eat brown rice, lentils, tomato, peppers, beef or chicken or pork or fish or shrimp or venison (the gal cut it into thin strips and cooked it on a cast-iron skillet on a woodburning stove), and, like everyone else, other stuff too.


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                          We eat food that we grow/raise and what we don't grow or raise ourselves we keep local as much as possible. (I wish there was local wheat.)

                          I make everything from scratch including bread, cheese, yogurt, pancake syrup, and do home canning.

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                              I seethat you are in Cebu. In one of your pics are those wonderful Phillipine Mangos. They are so good,so much better than the mangos we have here, which come from Mexico.
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