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  • Considering a new game-

    Im considering making a new game...

    You know how some people make fantasy football leagues, or fantasy racing, and all that other type...

    well- Im considering putting together a 'fantasy agencies' league.

    basicly- everyone playing would get to pick a list of agencies- I have not decided how many, ect as of yet-

    but every time one of them makes the headlines on the front page of officer.com the person 'owning' that agency in the league would get money added or subtracted from thier 'bank account' based on the news of that agency.

    Lots of agencies would be available to be chosen from- really Ill try to make it almost any agency in the US- diffrent 'high-ranking' agencies would cost more to own: such as:

    LA Couty Sheriff- $500,000 per month
    Wyoming Highway Patrol- $70,000 per month
    Miami-Dade Police- $250,000 a month

    and good news would get your department money based on how big of headlines they get, and badnews would get money taken away- for example:

    Jacksonville Sheriff office to install new redlight cameras- +$100,000 to owners.

    Monroe County, GA Sheriff charged with DUI- -$500,000

    Would anyone consider this interesting?

    I'll make it in a way where any agency coudlbe picked (or almost any) and where anyone can own a part of any agency- like I said, Ill be working out the details for a while- but its something that came to mind, and woudl be easy to check because we would strickly uise the officer.com main web-page news listings.
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    This sounds fun.

    I'm also down.

    Orange County Sheriff's Office. I demand.
    The statements posted on here are of my own and does not represent any agency that I am in process with, was in process with or will be in process with.


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      I pick
      I'll probably end up loosing more money than winning, I take that back.
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        Sounds fun Malaru. Count me in if you do it.


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