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Anybody's gas price hit $5.00 yet?


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  • Anybody's gas price hit $5.00 yet?

    It just hit $4.73 here this morning

    (hint: if ever traveling up or down Interstate 5 in Far Northern California, get your gas in either Redding, California or Medford, Oregon. It's robbery in between!)
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    Our gas is between $4.10 and $4.15 still... my father in law pays slightly more than you but he is buying diesel.

    CA taxes are pretty extreme on fuel...


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      Last time I check we were at 4.25-4.50 depending on where you go.
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        It was 3.89 here over the weekend...I made sure I filled up.
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          Originally posted by mrc27 View Post
          It was 3.89 here over the weekend...I made sure I filled up.
          It looks like you were smart to get out of California! The North Coast is even worse (Crescent City, etc.)

          Here's a pretty cool website, which I imagine you can do for any state.

          He who feels punctured must once have been a bubble. --Lao Tzu


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            It is $3.85-$3.99 around Middle Tennessee, higher in Nashville, about $4.05 from what I hear.
            That's what they do, it's a trailer park.


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              Average in wa state I believe is 4.23 for regular.
              My car only takes supreme


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                I'm in Calgary right now, I usually run everywhere I go, but converting it from liters to gallons, it is 5.18 a gallon (and I multiplied it by 3.78, not rounded up to 4).

                I've calculated, that the cost for me to drive one mile (averaged for city and highway driving) with my Ford Ranger is 25.91 cents! Yup, throw out a little more than a quarter for every mile you drive!


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                  Paid $4.05 two days ago (upstate NY). But I'm sure it's more now. Seems to go up .20-.30 a week.
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                    3.89 out here in Oz.....

                    4.00 plus in Kansas City.....

                    3.75 in rural NW Missouri.....

                    I am sure that will all change when I fill up.....


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                      Last I saw, still 3.96 here. Its been fluctuating between 3.92 and 3.98. Im not complaining.
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                        I just paid $3.89 a gallon here in Alabama. That seems to be about the norm for my area right now.
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                          Last time I looked at the Citgo just out my window, $4.03


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                            Hi people....

                            It,s funny reading your comments on the price of petrol.I would love to live in the US.Try living in the UK.Petrol now costs about £1.20 a litre or nearly £6 a gallon in some places(don,t know the exchange rate!).My local garage has changed the price 4 times in the last 10 days..At this rate i,ll have to buy a horse!!
                            Please send cheap petrol by post to [email protected][email protected]~~



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                              was up in PA was up to 4.05, in NYC average 4.45 for reg


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