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What was the first "real" concert you attended?


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  • What was the first "real" concert you attended?

    Mine was Queen and Billy Squire at the Philadelphia Spectrum in 1981. I was 15. Great show. That was my first real concert.

    Now, I say real concert for a reason. I mean, if you walked into a bar for a beer and and old washed up band like Toto was playing, I wouldn't count that. So, because I saw Andy Gibb at Six Flags in 1979, that doesn't count. I was really there for the rides.

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    I saw Tesla and Poison
    didn't care for Poision, but Tesla was great.

    Not sure when the date was, It was in the late 80's

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      about 7-8 years ago I saw Styx live with Bad Company and someone else I can't think of now.
      2 months later saw them again (bought my parents tickets but my mom was sick so I went with my dad instead)


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        It was a year and a half ago when I saw Hinder at the Salt Palace.


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          First one was REO Speedwagon. I think I was around 10-12 years old, and left with a contact buzz.
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            Molly Hatchet around 1980 or so.


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              the Fugees... I was 15, i think. lol...


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                Originally posted by Presence View Post
                the Fugees... I was 15, i think. lol...
                You were 15? That must have been, what, a couple years ago? I didn't think the Fugees were still touring then.

                Alabama. Twentieth Century Tour. Erie County Fair. 1999.
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                  Rolling Stones in 1997


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                    The Moody Blues in 97. Awesome show.
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                      Kiss, last year before they took the makeup off. I was 14 or 15 in Sioux City IA. They cracked the ceiling of the auditorium.
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                        Todd Rundgren's Utopia, Santa Monica Civic Center, 1977, on a Friday Night during the Academy....I smelled of a certain green-leafy plant substance that did not quite conform with my academy haircut.
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                          Best concert/first all out real concert (tailgating!) X-Fest 2003:

                          Staind, Evanescence, Godsmack, Seether

                          Also: Punchline, The Donnas, The Juliana Theory, The Used, Breaking Benjamin, Eve 6, 12 Stones, Taproot, Trapt, Smile Empty Soul
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                            Originally posted by Ex Army MP View Post
                            So, because I saw Andy Gibb at Six Flags in 1979, that doesn't count. I was really there for the rides.
                            haha... you too? Except back then it was still Great Adventure.

                            First concert was Eric Clapton in 1983, I think, I was 13. Went with a friends and her older sister, didn't know many songs, but it was a great show.
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                              My first was Elton John on his "Yellow Brick Road" tour. Maybe 1976?


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