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  • Stock ?

    Anybody trade stock ? Im thinking about buying 5 shares of visa, which is going public soon. Its going to start off at about $40.00 a share.....Im reading alot of people saying in about 1-2 years it could be $200.00 a share.


    Im only going to buy 5 shares to see how it would go, this would be my 1st stock buy.
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    I am deep into three risky mutual funds and a few new and emerging companies, but, as you start getting closer to real and forever (hopefully) retirement, those start making you a little nervous.

    So I may start easing into more conservative blue chippers soon. Really watching the market here lately, but in the long run, no matter what, yu just can't beat it, so long as ou leave it alone and let your money work.
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      I wouldn't say I'm an active trader by any means, but I own some stocks and ETF's. Probably too many actually. I also have a few thousand in a mutual fund. I started out small about a year ago to see how I'd do. I kept making money so I kept adding money. Then about August it all kinda took a dump and now I'm back where I started.

      FYI, I use Scottrade because it's the cheapest per trade broker. Their research tools are OK but there are plenty of places and ways to research stocks.
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        I don't know to much about stock but I just inherited 1096 shares of CSX stock. At first I didn't have an idea what it was worth, boy was I surprised.
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          My ThriftSavings at work has a percentage invested in stocks. I dont follow where they put it LOL.

          I also belong to ExxonMobil on Computershare. Its like a savings account for stock, sorta. You can send in money in increments of $50 - $100,000 (i think that's the highest, not sure). Whatever you send buys however many shares it can at the time. I've done real well with that, as i've been in it for about 10 years. I think you have to start with $500.

          You can either have your dividends reinvested or sent to you quarterly.


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            Call Jim Cramer


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              Hey Jim, A big boo ya from the 1 state recession......
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